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Fraud Scanner

Fraud Scanner is a comprehensive ad fraud prevention tool for apps and websites which will help you to distribute marketing spend more efficiently.

With MyTracker's Fraud Scanner, you have full control over your marketing workflow. We do not interfere with or reject any traffic. Instead, we show full data on all installs, indicating those we consider fraudulent. Start making informed decisions on what to do with bad traffic and how to allocate marketing spend more wisely!

Fraud Scanner by MyTracker can detect all types of mobile fraud:
1. Click spamming and click flooding
2. Bots and emulations
3. Post-install fraud
4. Payment fraud
01 Fraud protection at every stage of interacting with the app or website Every install and click is analyzed against a vast number of fraud indicators and metrics. 02 A quick assessment of any fraudulent activities Aggregated fraud indicators will promptly assess the overall fraud risk for your project. 03 Device check Hardware metrics will identify suspicious devices that do not match certain parameters. For example, a device that says it is a Huawei showing up as an iPhone. Or a browser with an unknown version. 04 Post-install check In-app metrics detect suspicious behaviour after the install attribution such as CPA fraud, lack of activity, suspiciously high session frequency and more. 05 Pre-install or pre-click check Click metrics help spot attribution anomalies such as Click To Install Time (CTIT) that is much too short or too long. 06 Fraud benchmarks Having analyzed millions of installs and clicks,, we have developed accurate fraud indicator benchmarks for each metric. You can compare them with your ad campaign data to assess the amount of fraudulent traffic.
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