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End-to-end mobile and web analytics

Get free insights into your product and marketing performance

01 Measure your ads’ performance Track app installs back to their source and break them down by ad campaigns with unlimited mobile and web attribution. 02 Protect your app and secure your budget Fraud Scanner will guard your app from any known type of fraudulent activity: from bots to install hijacking. 03 Predict future revenue and user activity Leverage LTV and churn prediction to know which campaigns are going to work best in the long term. 04 Grow your app and improve user experience Handy tools for user journey insights: funnel analysis, audience segments, and unlimited custom events.

Empowering teams around the globe with trusted data insights

Trusted by 13K+ projects Over 3 mln new installs daily Over 20 bln custom events daily
Other features you
may want to explore.
No hidden fees.
01 Free attribution for any traffic source
02 LTV and churn predictions width 90% accuracy
03 All-around revenue and ROI measurement
04 Cutting-edge fraud protection
05 Suitable for SKAdNetwork and iOS 14.5+
06 Raw data API with unlimited storage
07 Marketing and product analytics
Still not sure if it’s right for you?
See our FAQ:
What if I’m already using a mobile tracking system?
MyTracker can build on and complement your tracker’s functionality – and you don’t have to spend a dime!
How much does it cost?
All core functions of MyTracker are free.
Is it difficult to set up MyTracker for my app?
Just add the MyTracker SDK to your app and you are good to go. More instructions available here
How do I learn more about MyTracker?
We have prepared a detailed guide to get you up to speed on all technical aspects, and our customer support is available 24/7.
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