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MyTracker Personalize

Grow your app's revenue with personalized offers and recommendations.
MyTracker Personalize enables you to increase and optimize your ROI

Personalize in-app offers in real time
Show the best offer to each player
Increase retention and conversion into paying customers
Automate performance reporting
01 Increased revenue Boost revenue from each offer by 10–30% through personalization. 02 Diverse recommendations Entice users with individual offers, lists of assorted goods, or subscriptions. 03 Straightforward integration To begin, simply install the SDK and choose the target audience. 04 Audience segmentation Automatically segment your audience based on purchasing power and other criteria. 05 Automated reporting Keep tabs on current A/B tests and revenue levels. 06 Fully-featured trial version 3 months for free and configuration assistance.
How to connect Personalize in 3 easy steps
1. Integrate SDK
2. Choose segments and offers to be recommended
3. Launch personalized offers
Leave the heavy lifting to Personalize
• Automated A/B tests
• Data collection
• Audience sub-segmentation
• Selection and training of the best ML algorithm
• Personalized real-time recommendations
• Automated performance reporting

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