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Analyze your data across multiple platforms and optimize user experience and marketing performance in e-commerce apps.

Grow Your Online Business with MyTracker

01 Mobile and web analytics Whether your sales data comes from an app or a website, you can get the stats for both, gaining a comprehensive insight into your product and all the metrics in one place. Have them grouped by platform or combined – it’s up to you. 02 Audience segments and cohorts Create your own segments using any of the 150 metrics available, view charts and analyze the data. Compare segments and test any hypothesis. 03 Analytics for all revenue sources and payment types In-app purchases, subscriptions, ads, offline payments – whichever monetization model you choose, MyTracker will inform you about its efficiency. 04 Funnels Trace user journeys with detailed reports. Analyze customer behavior in depth, get a handle on how people interact with your product, and monitor factors driving conversion. 05 Fraud Scanner – smart protection against fraudulent traffic Fraud Scanner offers a robust way to identify anomalies and detect bots by leveraging continuously learning algorithms.
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