Tracking links

With MyTracker, you can create as many tracking links as you need for any campaign. These links help identify users that appear in your app after clicking or viewing an ad.

How it works

Tracking links need to be embedded into your partners’ ads. When prospects whose attention was caught by an ad, follow a tracking link, MyTracker collects their initial stats. Once a new user has installed your app or visited a website, the new installation is linked to the ad campaign, thus providing a way to assess traffic performance, while adding more information about the user’s payments, activity, and other events, affecting marketing performance.

See DOOH tracking and Pre-install tracking sections for details on tracking links for digital out-of-home advertising and pre-install apps

Link types

Tracking links can be of two different types:

  • Regular links (supporting one app only).
  • Smart links (supporting multiple apps and redirecting users to the relevant platform (iOS, Web, etc.).

Our status indicator makes link activity monitoring a simple job.

  • Active    means that within the last 24 hours the relevant link generated post click or post view conversions, such as impressions, clicks, installs, re-installs, first site visit or re-engagements.
  • Not active    means that none of the above took place over the last 24 hours, and it may be time to reconsider your link placement process.

The activity status is displayed as soon as MyTracker starts receiving data from a tracking link. Until then, No data will be displayed instead of the colour-coded indicator.

Links archive

If a tracking link is not used or has been created by mistake, it may be archived. Archiving does not affect the data collection process and comes in handy when you have numerous links. Archived tracking links are labelled with the Archived icon and removed from MyTracker list, while MyTracker continues to collect their data.

To move a tracking link to the archive, click the To archive button on the view tracking link page. If necessary, you can display the archived tracking links by turning on the Show archive toggle and continue working with them.

To restore a tracking link from the archive, click the Restore button on the View tracking link page. The tracking link will be displayed again in all MyTracker lists.