AdMob integration

AdMob is Google’s service for in-app ad monetization.

Integration with Google AdMob allows you to track data on ad revenue, numbers of in-app impressions and clicks, compare revenue from AdMob and other ad mediators like myTarget or ironSource, and balance results across all app monetization types.

Integration stages

  1. Setting up an event handler on the AdMob side for iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Make sure that the myTracker SDK has been integrated into your app (v2.0.9+ for Android and v2.0.8+ for iOS).
  3. Configure myTracker SDK to track AdMob ads:

Pay attention to pass Android ad revenue. AdMob returns the value in micro units, so you need to divide the value by 106. For example, a value of 5,000 means the ad is estimated to be worth $0.005. Learn more


After successful integration, myTraker will start receiving data on ad revenues, in-app impressions, and clicks.

To view AdMob monetization results, build a report in the Constructor:

  1. Add Dimensions → Traffic source → Ad Mediator and select AdMob in the same filter. You can remove this filter to compare results for all mediators.
  2. Add Device metrics → Ad monetization and Device metrics → Financial metrics → Revenue.
  3. Press the Calculate button.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team in any convenient way.