What is myTracker

myTracker is multi-platform analytics and attribution.

What does it do

myTracker let you know who users are, where they came from and how to retain them:

  • collects statistics on your project and enriches it with user data from Mail.ru Group;
  • associates with traffic source an any tracked data (installs, purchases, scenarios, etc.);
  • simplifies analytics, gives you all the necessary reports (advertising activity, user behavior and profile, financial dimension, etc.).

What does it consists of

  • An SDK, which is a program library to collect the data;
  • A web interface, where you can create an environment, view and export analytical reports.

How it works

myTracker is completely free with zero limits!

You integrate SDK into your app and website, publish the changes and myTracker starts to collect data. You can already run reports on accumulated statistics and grow your project.

How to start

Step 1 ≈ 2 min

Register in myTracker

Create a tracker.my.com account  and log in to myTracker.

Step 2 ≈ 3 min

Create an environment

  1. Add Account → Project → Application with the Assistant.
  2. Copy SDK key or the counter code from the Application page and give it to your developer to install the SDK.
Step 3 ≈ 10 min

Integrate the SDK

For Web platforms simply install the counter code, and myTracker starts gathering.

For mobile platforms:

  1. Connect tracker to your app for iOS, Android, Unity, Web.
  2. Set the required permissions for Android, Unity Android.
  3. Turn on in-app purchases tracking for Android.
  4. Customize tracker configuration (period of local buffering, data collection server, etc.) for iOS, Android, Unity.
  5. Initialize the myTracker SDK for iOS, Android, Unity.

Your development team can already test the SDK. After your app is live in the store, the SDK will start tracking real data.


Next Steps

  • build analytical reports on a wide range of metrics and data types;
  • invite colleagues to share myTracker;
  • create an advertising campaign and specify a payment model;
  • add a tracking link to control user acquisition;
  • use deeplink to improve a user experience;
  • add a partner and review results of the cooperation;
  • control revenue from in-app payments, subscriptions and ad monetization;
  • predict LTV for all revenue types;
  • use API to upload statistics or explore data in your analytical system;
  • set up tracking with your development team:
    • add custom app events: achieve a level, addition of an item to a cart, etc. for iOS, Android, Unity, Web;
    • don't stop at devices, track users of iOS, Android, Unity, Web platforms.

If you have any questions please contact our support team by Telegram chat, support@tracker.my.com or use the Support form.