Payment verification

The payment verification provides veracity of in app purchase and protects your data from being distorted by fraud schemas.

MyTracker can send a request for each tracked transaction to App Store and Google Play servers, you just need to add a key for payment verification — credentials. After adding credentials, you can build reports and view stats on both real payments and unverified purchases.

For payment verification:

  1. From the applications list choose a necessary row and click on the symbol  .
  2. On the Payment Verification page, depending on the app OS:

All payments tracked after you add credentials will be verified on App Store and Google Play servers.

Build a report on verified payments using the Constructor with the Financial dimensions → Verification metric and the Other filters → Financial metrics → Verification filter.

App store credentials

Get App store credentials:

  1. In App Store Connect pick your app.
  2. Go to In-App PurchasesManage.
  3. Click on App-Specific Shared Secret and copy credentials from the Shared Secret column.
  4. Paste credentials into the Payment verification page in MyTracker.

Google Play credentials

Get Google Play credentials:

  1. In Google Play Console in the Setup section select API Access and press the Create new service account button.
  2. Click on Google Cloud Platform. The service will open in a new tab. Keep the Create new service account tab open.
  3. Press the Create service account button. Type account details in the first step, choose a role in the second (at least the Editor) and just press the Done button in the third step.
  4. In the line of the created account select the Manage keys menu.
  5. On the Keys tab click on Add key → Create new key. Select the JSON and press the Create button.
  6. Upload json-file in MyTracker on the Payment verification page.

  7. Return to the Create new service account open tab and press the Done button.
  8. In the row of a new account press the Grant access button.
  9. Add app which payments need to be verified.
  10. For all apps set checkboxes View app information, View financial data, and Manage orders and subscriptions for access to verification by credentials-file.
  11. Credentials activation can take 1 to 24 hours since you got access to payment verification.