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New product: Personalize, a recommendation engine to increase your app revenue

Research shows that 86% of users agree that personalization has an impact on their purchasing decisions.

However, developing a proprietary personalization tool is associated with a variety of obstacles ranging from a lack of expertise to data storage development challenges and high server costs.

MyTracker Personalize is a new ML-based predictive analytics solution that eliminates all of these obstacles and enables its owners to show users personalized offers.

New Opportunities Unlocked by Personalize

Personalized recommendations

The tool enables you to entice users with individual product offers, lists of assorted goods, or the most suitable subscriptions in real-time. For example, this allows for the items in your in-game store to be sorted based on user interest and discounts to appear on the offers that the user will most likely purchase. 

Audience segmentation

Personalize automatically segments your audience based on certain criteria selected by the machine learning algorithm.

Personalize new recommendation service for product recommendations

Automated reports

The tool provides updates on the status of ongoing A/B tests, personalized offer efficiency, and income generated.

How Personalize Works

MyTracker automatically collects and stores data on user actions and devices via SDK. Personalize uses this information to pick the most suitable ML-based model. Every four hours, it goes through the learning process, as new data keeps coming in. This means that the model remains up to speed at all times.

product recommendation service

Following tests by our partner apps, the average revenue per user receiving personalized offers increased by 23% as compared to users receiving regular offers.

How to Activate Personalize

First, you have to integrate SDK MyTracker by following a simple guide here. After that, you choose the target audience to receive recommendations.

Full-Feature Trial

For you to see all the benefits of MyTracker’s recommendation engine, we’re giving you a free 3-month trial and the offer to help you get your settings right at the start of this trial. 

Retain users, increase conversion rates, and optimize your app ROI with a boost from MyTracker Personalize!

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