Audience segmentation in myTracker

We have added a new tool “Segments” and expanded the possibilities of audience analysis in myTracker. Now you can conduct deep segmentation of users: divide them into groups according to socio-demographic characteristics, traffic sources, activity and any custom events.

New opportunities include:

  1. Create your own segments of audience - select any category of users you are interested in;
  2. Perform additional filtering of results in reports only for this segment and, thereby, monitor the behavior of certain users;
  3. Compare the behavior of similar users coming from different traffic sources.

With the help of "Segments" myTracker allows you to check in a few clicks, for example:

  • How many users in your application spend at least a certain amount per month and how much time they spend in your application?
  • How does an audience coming in for a particular campaign reach level 10?
  • How many users with old iPhone models are registered, what is their average session duration? Is it worth adapting the application to this audience, or are there other, more promising segments that are not yet affected?
  • How effective is it to target 25+ men in a particular campaign? Is it necessary to redistribute the budget in favor of another source?
  • What is the behavior of the users who brought the biggest profits? What are their device models? How often do they come in? What actions are performed inside the application?

These are just a few of the available scenarios for using the new “Segments” tool. Use its capabilities in reports and work more precisely with your audience and product!