Reattribution settings

You can control reattribution in myTracker using by Inactivity window and the Reattribution to organic option. Settings are configured for the whole project and apply to all applications within it.

To configure settings:

  1. In the project list, create a new one by the Add button or edit your project with the button.
  2. Press the Attribution settings button and specify your values.

For more details on projects, refer to Project

Inactivity window

By default, the Inactivity window is 30 days.

That is, if the user has not been active for the last 30 days, then the next launch or installation will be defined as a reattribution event: Re-engagement and Re-install. For more details, refer to Reattribution

Reattribution to organic

By default, the Reattribution to organic option is turn on. All users who return without interacting with ads (free traffic) will be associated with Organic

If you turn off the option, all organic Re-engagements and Re-installs will be associated with the previous attribution campaign. In this case there's no reattribution.
For more details, refer to Reattribution