Purchase tracking

Most of project revenue collected may be from different purchase models: subscriptions and in-app payments. Whatever models in your app, all purchases should be tracked. If you know the income source and effectiveness of the specific payment model, it will be easy to determinate growth strategies. myTracker helps you gather data on individual in-app payments, trial, and paid subscriptions.

Where to start

  1. Configure in-app purchase tracking:
  2. Set up payment verification. myTracker will check each payment, track subscription and let you exclude fraud and test transaction from stats.

Done! Now you can track purchases into your app. Use financial metrics Transactions, First time payers, Paying audience, DPU, WPU, etc. Analyze data on all in-app purchases and build separate reports on subscriptions and payments.

In-app payments

Users can buy various goods into the app: game currency, new level, etc. It's a one-time purchase characterizing user active interest.

To know who likes such purchases and define revenue only from in-app payments (excluding subscriptions), use Report constructor with the Revenue type > In-app payment filter or dimension. By default we set Other filters > Financial metrics > Verification to exclude unverified payments (fraud and test transactions) from reports.


An app can provide a subscription. It may be a monthly magazine, season broadcast, etc.
myTracker lets you collect data on paid and trial subscriptions, track trial to paid conversion and get data grouped by all subscription types.

Analyze data on subscriptions in the Report constructor with Financial metrics > Subscriptions (Subscription type, First Subscription, Trial Subscription, Subscription Renewals, etc.) and the Subscription type dimension.