Macros are special labels or markers used in click-URL and view-URL templates.

For example, in this click-URL template:{mt_idfa}&clickId={clickId}&sub1={mt_sub1}
macros are the following:

  • {mt_idfa}
  • {clickId}
  • {mt_sub1}

When generating the final click-URL that will be shown to the user, macros must be replaced with specific values. For example, the above template may turn into such a URL:
with following replacements:

  • {clickId} → click123
  • {mt_sub1} → offer1

Your partner will replace macros with specific values. Usually, the replacement process is automated. To be able to do this, your partner needs to know what macros are used in URLs. Some partners may work with default macros provided by MyTracker. For other partners, MyTracker macros in the URL need to be replaced with their own macros.