Regular tracking link

This is a link for one platform only (iOS, Android, etc.) that redirects users to your app's target URL.

  1. From the ad campaigns list, select the campaign to which you want to add a tracking link.
  2. On the Tracking links tab, press the Add button.
  3. Fill out the form:
    • Title * — will be displayed in the links list and may be changed later.
    • Link type — Regular tracking link.
    • Application — the app that will be promoted using this tracking link. Only apps set up under the account used for the campaign are available.
    • Target URL * — the address of the relevant app in an online store, a website, or a landing page. This is the page to which users will be redirected after clicking the relevant link.
    • Deep link (only for mobile apps) — a specialised link that redirects users to a specific screen within a published app. By default, this link works as a deferred deep link, i. e. it's used to redirect only new users. To activate this link as a regular deep link, turn on the Use a deep link if the app is installed option. The default for the Advanced settings block is Deferred deep link window which you can change. For more details, see Deep links and Deep link settings sections.

    • Attribution settings — attribution window settings that will be used for this tracking link. Default values are pre-filled, but you can change them. For more details, see the Attribution section.

    * — required fields.

  4. Press the Add button.

Once the tracking link is created, you will be redirected to the view page, where you can copy a Click-URL and a Impressions-counter URL. Share the required link with your partners for click or view count and post click, post view attribution.

The list of all campaign URLs can be copied in one click. Just press Copy on the Tracking links tab and select the option you need: