Advertiser accounts

Connect the advertiser's account to collect stats on myTarget campaigns. Data on the number of impressions and advertising costs allows you to evaluate traffic efficiency, app conversions, and ROI.

To know how to create an ad campaign in MyTracker and use Сlick and Impressions URLs, see the Campaigns и Tracking links sections

Send request

  1. In the Advertiser accounts tab choose MyTracker account to integrate with the partner. If there are already myTarget connected accounts in your account, you will see a list of them with statuses.
  2. Press the Add button.
  3. Enter the name of myTarget account. This is the login with which you log in to You can find it on the Profile page. ?
  4. If you select an agency or manager account, stats on all of their clients will appear in MyTracker. For details see the myTarget documentation.

  5. Select the level of access to the stats. This can be All statistics (stats will be available for impressions and cost of campaigns) and No expenses (only impression stats will be available).
  6. Move applications to the right block. Only published applications are available in the list for selecting.
  7. Press the Send request button.

The access status is color coded:

  • yellow  – waiting for a response to a request from myTarget;
  • green  – access confirmed;
  • red  – request for access denied or withdrawn.

Confirm request

  1. In myTarget go to the Profile > Automation Platforms > Integration with MyTracker block.
  2. Confirm the request by pressing the Approve button.
  3. After allowing access on the same page, you can withdraw access at any time using the Delete button. Any rejected or deleted request you can send again.


After the successful connection of the account and confirmation of access, MyTracker will receive additional stats on campaigns with a partner myTarget: ad impressions and cost. New metrics are available in the Builder: Impressions and Campaign Cost. Stats will be available only for ads in which the MyTracker tracking links were used.

In addition

For campaign optimization: to improve conversion rate and traffic quality, you can send information to myTarget about any custom events within the app and incoming payments. See the section Postbacks.

See also myTarget instructions on how to integrate accounts, track campaigns, and set up in-app events