ironSource integration

ironSource is a platform for app monetization.

If you partner with ironSource to optimize ad experience in your app, you'll need stats on in-app impressions and the engagement rate to maximise traffic value. MyTracker can combine ironSource data with its tracked stats, complete the user profile, and present data on all monetization types in a single window.

Connecting account

  1. In the partner list of MyTracker interface, select ironSource (select Ad monetization for faster search).
  2. On the Connected accounts tab click Add connect.
  3. Fill out the form:
    • Select MyTracker accounts that have the apps you need. You can connect several MyTracker accounts to an ironSource account and vice versa.
    • Specify the Login used for ironSource authorization, Secret key and Refresh token. You can find Secret key and Refresh token in your ironSource profile (see partner documentation for details)
  4. Click Connect. Your MyTracker account will be connected to the ironSource network.

You'll see the app list from the MyTracker account. Any ironSource data on these apps will become available in MyTracker within 24 hours (see the Sync date). Play with the integration settings to get stats on both devices and users of the project.

ironSource will not deliver data on apps with a COPPA compliance flag (i.e. complying with the US Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). This a permanent setting configured when adding an app to the ironSource platform (see the partner documentation for details).

Integration settings

By default, MyTracker gets only device stats from ironSource. To track user data, change the integration settings:

  1. Make sure that you use the same method to identify users in MyTracker and ironSource (it can be ID in the app backend or your CRM system, see User tracking for details).
  2. The tracking system does not accept any data without the user/device ID or with the ID in a wrong format. Hence, MyTracker data can be lower than those of ironSource.

  3. On the Connected accounts tab , check the boxes next to the projects for which you need user stats. The green indicator     shows projeсts for which tracking has already been set up.
  4. Click Save.

Now, MyTracker will receive stats on both devices and users.

To disconnect the account, click .


After the successful integration, MyTracker will start receiving data on ad revenues and in-app impressions with a breakdown by ad placement, ad campaign, ad unit, device, and date.

MyTracker will update stats on connected accounts every day, but ironSource can delay data for several days. Thus, MyTracker’s and the partner’s stats may differ. For more details about data analytics, please see Ad revenue tracking.