Corrections can be an alternative or a complement to tariffs. They’re needed if for any reason the payments have changed (e.g. due to fines or partner bonuses) or it’s impossible to calculate the costs (a complex arrangement, fixed cost, etc.).

The correction amount is evenly distributed over a set time period according to basic metrics (excluding social and demographic data, and geography). In the process of report building, the correction value is added to the campaign cost calculated based on the pricing model.

Corrections are tied to the application

Add correction

  1. In the campaigns list choose the one to which you need to add corrections.
  2. On the Corrections tab, press the Add button.
  3. Fill out the form:
    • Application * — the app for the correction to be tied to.
    • Value * — the specified sum is divided approximately to equal parts by the hour on the specified date range. For reports in other currencies, currency conversion occurs at the time of adding an adjustment to the current exchange rate.
    • Currency * — required.
    • Start * — beginning of correction.
    • End * — end of correction.
    • Description — optional.
    • * — required fields.

  4. Press the Add button.