Ad monetization

A popular way to get revenue is in-app advertising. You engage more audience and your revenue increases. To check the success of this strategy, use myTracker.

Track data

myTracker supports integration with in-app monetization partners. You can link myTracker account to your account in a partner network, and the tracker will collect data on in-app impressions, ad revenue, engaged audience, etc.

  1. Make sure the myTracker SDK is embedded into your app.
  2. Connect myTracker account to your ad network account (e.g. to myTarget or to ironSource).

Done! Now, myTracker gathers stats on ad monetization for you to analyze data.

Analyze data

View detailed stats on app monetization in the Report constructor. For example, build a report with Ad monetization metrics: Engaged audience, Engagement Rate, CPM.

myTracker data can slightly differ from ad network stats. It may be due to partner delays or differences in device and user identification methods.