SKAdNetwork reports

MyTracker provides particular metrics and dimensions for analyzing SKAdNetwork data. The thing is, SKAN data does not contain information about the device, user, or time of attribution. Therefore, it cannot be linked in any way to MyTracker stats for standard ad campaigns, stats by users or devices.

Note that to keep user data private, Apple sends postbacks with some delay (at least 24 hours).

SKAdNetwork selectors

Selectors that can be used to analyze SKAdNetwork data are presented in the Report builder under Dimensions → SKAdNetwork and Devices → SKAdNetwork.

Some dimensions and metrics are described in more detail below.

For a full list of SKAdNetwork selectors, see the Reports section

SKAN conversion

SKAN conversions are the total number of conversions attributed to ad networks according to the SKAdNetwork.

MyTracker can collect data from integrated SKAN partners and directly from Apple. This metric shows the number of conversions based on all collected data, excluding duplicates.

SKAN conversions can be viewed in dimensions:

  • Date
  • Partner
  • Campaign
  • Country (is not available for SRN systems)
  • SKAdNetwork dimensions: Conversion value, SKAN version, Redownload, SKAN source app, SKAN format

Note that SKAN conversions are not the complete analog of installs, because, for example, they can denote re-install.

Conversion value

Conversion Value (CV) is a number between 0 and 63, which indicates the quality of the SKAN conversion. For example, it could be the number of proceeds: CV=0 immediately after install, CV=1 if the user made a $1 payment, CV=2 for a $2 payment, and so on.

The Conversion value dimension determines the number of conversions with a particular value.

The Total conversion value metric shows you the conversion quality in general (the sum of conversion values). For example, by individual ad campaigns.

For details, refer to Selectors → SKAdNetwork and Conversion value sections

SKAdNetwork templates

You can use ready-made templates to analyze SKAN data:

You can subscribe to the template and receive regular reports by mail.

For details, refer to the Templates section

Exporting data via API

You can use API to export SKAdNetwork data:

  • aggregated data using MyTracker metrics and dimensions (see the Report selectors section);
  • raw data received from Apple in its initial form (see appleSKANpostbacks and partnerSKANpostbacks events in the Selectors section).

For details, refer to the Export API section