SKAdNetwork data protocol

Input data





All parameters are passed in the request body in JSON format.

Limit on the maximum size of imported data — 10Kb.

Name Type Example
version String, minimum size 1, maximum size 45 "version":"1577191920"
app-id* Number, minimum value 0 "app-id":123456789
ip String, maximum size 45 "ip":"2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334"
ad-network-campaign-name String, minimum size 1 "ad-network-campaign-name": "skadnetwork_campaign_1
source-app-id Number, minimum value 0 "source-app-id": 888707074
ad-network-source-app-id String, minimum size 1 "ad-network-source-app-id":"Ke8Nos"
ad-network-id String, minimum size 1 "ad-network-id": "example123.skadnetwork"
transaction-id String, minimum size 1 "transaction-id": "868eb3d91-15f5-44ee-9267-25c7655c20b6"
redownload Boolean value "redownload": false
attribution-signature String, minimum size 1 "attribution-signature":"MDYCGQCsQ4y8d4BlYU9b8Qb9BPWPi+ixk/OiRysCGQDZZ8fpJnuqs9my8iSQVbJO/oU1 AXUROYU="
timestamp String, minimum size 1, maximum size 20 "timestamp": "1597156649200"
ad-network-campaign-id String, minimum size 1 "ad-network-campaign-id": "222222"
conversion-value Number, minimum value 0 "conversion-value": 23
campaign-id Number, minimum value 0 "campaign-id": 99

* — required parameter.


curl -k -X POST -d '{"version":"2.0","ad-network-source-app-id":"JHVD@","app-id": 123456789,"ip": "","ad-network-campaign-name": "skadnetwork_campaign_1", "source-app-id": 888707074,"ad-network-id": "example123.skadnetwork", "transaction-id": "868eb3d91-15f5-44ee-9267-25c7655c20b6", "redownload": false,"attribution-signature":"MDYCGQCsQ4y8d4BlYU9b8Qb9BPWPi+ixk/OiRysCGQDZZ8fpJnuqs9my8iSQVbJO/oU1 AXUROYU=","timestamp": "1597156649200", "ad-network-campaign-id": "222222", "conversion-value": 23, "campaign-id": 99}'


Code Text Description
200 {"message": "ОK"} The request was successfully processed
400 {"error": "Bad Request"} Request error, parameters not validated
400 {"error": "Empty post data"} Empty request body
400 {"error": "Bad json"} Passed an invalid JSON file in the request body
500 {"error": "Internal Server Error"} Internal API error. Try to repeat the request later