Reports settings allow you to organize tabular data in a useful form: group results, choose the currency, compare data, etc.

You can specify settings for each report individually and for your whole profile, i.e. for all reports in the Builder.

New report

Settings for a new report you can set in the Builder by the Settings button.

Available options:

  • data grouping;
  • transposition;
  • currency and timezone switching;
  • rounding up of results;
  • retention indent and rolling retention limit;
  • filter by value and top N;
  • comparison report;
  • report title and output format (web table, XLSX, or CSV file).

For more information on each setting, see the documentation attachment sections.

Report settings override default settings

By default

Some settings for reports are set by default. These settings are valid for your entire profile: for new reports unless other settings are set in the Builder.

To see and edit default settings, open your profile.