App publication

Only when mobile application is published, you have all MyTracker features. Published mobile app is a large number of users and a good base for marketing research. You will have all MyTracker's ability, such as VK Ads + myTarget integration or campaign management through deep links.

Before you publish the app, please check the list

When an unpublished app will be placed on App Store or Google Play, please enter the app store URL in MyTracker:

  1. In application list choose your app and click .
  2. Type the App store URL on the Publication tab.
  3. Click Publish button. You will see two blocks of app data: before and after linking to the App Store URL.
  4. To confirm the URL click Publish button again. SDK key will be linked with application from the store.

After the app is published, you will not be able to change the URL and replace the application