API Requests

Request format

Use POST request in the following format:

  • v1 — S2S API version;
  • method_name — name of method (for example, customEvent for custom events import);
  • idApp=XXX — application identifier, which you can find in the URL of your app page.

API methods

version returns the current version of S2S API.


test-app-access allows you to check access rights to the application. When calling the method, you should pass S2S API key in the Authorization header.


registration and registrationBatch transmit one or more registration events to the MyTracker.

login and loginBatch transmit one or more authorization events to the MyTracker.

customEvent and customEventBatch transmit one or more custom events such as office visit or deliveries to the MyTracker.

customRevenue and customRevenueBatch transmit one or more custom payments such as offline revenue or payments via WeChat Pay.

googlePlayProductTransaction, googlePlaySubscriptionTransaction, and googlePlaySubscriptionToken transmit Google Play in-app purchases and subscriptions to the MyTracker.

appStoreProductTransaction, appStoreSubscriptionTransaction, appStoreSubscriptionReceipt transmit App Store in-app purchases and subscriptions to the MyTracker.