Access to API

To access API:

  • register in MyTracker;
  • integrate SDK and collect the first data on your project;
  • get authentication data (API User ID and Secret key).

How to get authentication data

To obtain authentication data:

  1. Open your profile.
  2. On the Personal info tab, in the API Credentials field, click the Show button. In the opened window, the system displays API User ID and Secret Key.

The Show button appears after MyTracker receives the first data on your project

If for some reasons you need to change the secret key, click the Update secret key button.

Use API User ID and Secret Key to sign requests to API (for more information, see API Authentication).

To export raw data and segment from an account by using API, you need to have granted exporting permissions. Account owners obtain exporting permissions by default, and these permission cannot be revoked.