Quite frequently, users stop using an app by uninstalling or never reopening it. To bring them back, there exist a number of re-acquisition campaigns that include push notifications, retargeting, mass mailings and other marketing tools. In this case, attribution turns into reattribution.

MyTracker helps keep record of returning customers and identify the source they come from.

How it works

In general, reattribution may be described as follows:

  1. A user has been inactive for some time. Then MyTracker records the app reinstall or re-engagement.
  2. MyTracker checks how long it's been since the user's last activity (see inactivity window). It will determine re-attribution events.
  3. For all re-attribution events: re-engagements and re-installs, MyTracker finds the source that led to the user's return.

To see the number of devices/users brought back as a result of an ad campaign, you can use the following metrics:

Not only that, with MyTracker you can also see how active the returning users are by monitoring the CA and AT metrics, which represent the events within the current attribution.

Inactivity window

Reattribution events (Re-installs or Re-engagements) only count if a certain amount of time has passed since the user's last activity (Inactivity window).

Activity involves a registration, authorization, launch, website visit, in-app impression, or payment.

Upon a Re-engagement or a Re-install, MyTracker checks the last activity, and if the amount of time that has passed exceeds the Inactivity window, these events are counted.

This setting helps minimise fraud in re-acquisition campaigns.

Reattribution to organic

Reattribution to organic is caused by a user return that is not related to the ad campaign. For example, if a user found the app through a search system or social networks. In this case, Re-engagement or Re-install will be related to the Organic — system partner for tracking free traffic.

You can turn off the Reattribution to organic option, then organic traffic will be associated with the previous attribution campaigns. So there's no reattribution.

For example, the user installed an application as a result of Campaign 1, was inactive for 30 days and then restarted the app without interacting with ads (organic traffic).

  • If this option is on, then Reactivation will be reattributed to Organic.
  • If this option is off, then Reactivation will be attributed to Campaign 1.