Partner macros

Your partner will replace macros with specific values. Usually, the replacement process is automated. To be able to do this, your partner needs to know what macros are used in URLs. Some partners may work with default macros provided by MyTracker. For other partners, MyTracker macros in the URL need to be replaced with their own macros.

Request written documentation or a verbal explanation of their requirements from your partner (make sure to ask whether they have a preconfigured set of macros for use with click/view-URL).

Macros configuration

Go to Macros on the relevant partner's page. To get there:

  • Open the Campaigns menu at the top of your screen and select Partners
  • Find the partner you need in the list and click on its name
  • On the page that opens, go to Macros

For instance, your partner has provided you with the following information:

  • For idfa parameter use %%IDFA%% macro
  • For clickID use %%CLICK_ID%% macro
  • For subID1 use — %%OFFER%% macro

This means that you need to populate the Macros form as follows.

To add a new line to be filled, press the Add macro button.

Make sure to press the Save button, once all fields have been filled.

Now, the URL templates on the tracking link view page shown below:{mt_idfa}&clickId={clickId}&sub1={mt_sub1}
will be modified as follows::

This makes replacing familiar macro markers, such as %%IDFA%% , with specific values an easy job for your partner.

For more details on click-URL structure and sources of its parameters, refer to Click and Impressions URLs