A project helps organise your app hierarchy. Combine applications for common tracking configuration, a single ad campaign and a consolidated analysis of tracked data. For example, you can link a series of co-branded applications or versions of an application for different platforms.

We recommend combining apps with common user base into a single project. With a unique user identifier, MyTracker can link all user actions (for example, on your website, iOS, and Android applications) in the same chain.

Add project

  1. Select Settings > Projects menu.
  2. In the project list press the Add button.
  3. Fill out the form:
    • Account * — a new project will be added to selected account. If you have only one account it would be set by default. For more details refer to the Account section.
    • Title * — the project name that will be shown in all future reports.
    • Currency * — the currency in which all analytical calculations would be performed. The reports are available in several currencies: Rubles, Dollars, Euros, currency in which the payment has been made in and an additional currency chosen when the app has been added. Such additional choice of currency is useful if the market of the app is unconventional or marketing spending is operated in that currency. Therefore, it makes sense to see revenue in that same currency.
    • Description — a brief description, if needed. It will be shown when viewing the project page.
    • Attribution settings — settings are set at project page and inherited by all applications within this project. Deferred deep link window defines the validity period of the deferred deep link. Attribution windows... is a timeframe within which MyTracker finds click and impressions that brought new users. This fields are already filled with standard values. You may change these settings during project creating as well as during project editing. For details see the sections Deep link settings, Attribution settings, and Reattribution settings.

    * — required fields.

  4. Press the Add button.

After creating a project, add applications to MyTracker