MyTracker update is out – now it supports forcingPeriod!

MyTracker is now better than ever! We’ve updated our SDK to make data collection much faster and smoother. 

We’ve also introduced forcingPeriod, a new feature for obtaining user data even if your app is uninstalled immediately after the initial install or launch.

MyTracker has released an official SDK for Unity 3D

Now game developers who use Unity 3d will no longer have to suffer from lack of data about their apps: MyTracker releases a Unity SDK that opens access to detailed statistics and analytics.

MyTracker is able to attribute most types of traffic and takes into account application costs and revenues, allowing you to track ROI for every acquisition channel and campaign. And thanks to the advanced system of user events, which has no restrictions on the number of events or their parameters and stores raw data, your product team will be able to collect the necessary data sets about its game, track user funnels and build custom reports for any dimensions, channel types and events.

Why Unity?

  • Games share among all mobile applications in the world is ~40%;
  • Games provide ~80% of the entire mobile market revenue;
  • One third (34%) of the top-1000 free mobile games - on Unity.

Download myTracket Unity SDK: https://tracker.my.com/docs/sdk/unity/api